Water Warriors
Educational Program
An educational children's program designed to teach facts about climate change and its effects on endangered marine animals to kids.
The educational program, Water Warriors, was a concept created to raise awareness and information about the concerning topic of climate change. Targeting a younger generation was significant because this younger generation becomes our future generation, who can later on implement change based on information they learn now. In order to connect to children better, the use of animals as a gateway was important to understanding climate change and its effects. After researching endangered marine animals, I chose the most recognizable ones to children to use in the program.
Program Guidelines
How the program works is that a zoo representative visits classrooms to educate and give a brief presentation about the zoo and how these animals are effected by climate change. Each student then receives a binder that contains the information gone over in the presentation and more: there's a free ticket to the zoo where they can visit and learn more, a sticker collection sheet, and a link to a fun, interactive online tool. Students who fill up their sticker collection sheet can receive extra credit or win a prize!
InVision Prototype
This interactive tool displays the before and after effects of climate change on these animals' natural habitats, so children and have a clear, visual representation of the harmful effects of this change.

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