Daddy Issues: The Manual
An informative guidebook for new and old dads on how to take preventive steps of transgenerational trauma and how to help resolve previous problems towards their children and families.
Daddy Issues: The Manual was my senior capstone project. I created this guidebook to introduce the meaning of the topic, give insight on men's mental health, and explore methods of prevention and resolution, all for the purpose of breaking the cycle of trauma from generation to generation. This topic is important to me because I've seen it significantly affect those who I care about. I want to help understand and implement change in others' lives, and by creating this book, I hope to make and impact on someone even if it's just simply informing them about the topic. Knowing it exists and it's something to avoid, can make a world of a difference for someone's life.
Final Brand Identity
What inspired the look and feel of this book was a straight-forward, manual vibe, but with a bit of a more engaging, fun twist on an already serious topic. Bright colors, bold fonts, and varying lines and patterns gave this nearly stark canvas some character.

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