Joshua Upholsterers is a small upholstery business owned by Joshua Boakye in the heart of small town Khayelitsha, South Africa. A team of three marketing students and myself collaborated with Joshua throughout the semester via WhatsApp and two weeks in person in Cape Town, South Africa to provide him with a brand identity, collateral, and marketing strategies to grow his business and empower the leader within himself.

Joshua Boakye in front of his business, Joshua Upholsterers

design brief

Our first step in the process was to collect as much information from Joshua about him and his business to formulate a situation analysis and design brief. We discovered his strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, points of parity, and points of difference. We used these insights on what he was currently doing to market his business and what to base our potential brand identities off of. We narrowed down three original attributes that best described Joshua's values: community, high quality, and caring/sincere.
High Quality
second revision

third revision

Before showing Joshua each concept, I received input from professors and other designers which resulted in two more rounds of revisions.
As you can already tell, Joshua chose the caring and sincere brandmark. To push it further and make all options have a more masculine feel, we presented these four to show the many possibilities this style of brandmark could house. He chose the second one above, the yellow with the needle.

final brandmark and secondary assets

final collateral
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