Roc-A-Fellas is a pizza parlor located in the heart of Sharonville, OH. They are a family-owned restaurant that serves traditional New York style recipes. Roc-A-Fellas brings in people of all ages. Families talk and laugh around a huge pizza pie, children stop by after school to enjoy pizza-by- the-slice, and friends gather to defeat the Bomber Challenge. While they may be a known establishment, their online presence isn't as much. I decided to recreate their website and online ordering process utilizing icons to make the pizza experience fun for families of all ages.

roc-a-fellas landing page

information architecture

visual research

initial navigation and content sketches

3 task flows
low fidelity wireframes
3 design concepts

visualization and interaction concept

To go along with the playful, family-oriented nature of Roc-A-Fellas, I created a youthful icon system to represent the different types of ingredients that can go on a pizza. Interacting with the icons allows the viewer to visualize the pizza making process and navigate through the website, giving the icons a function rather than just be decoration.

final prototype

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