These photos are from a children's ABC's photobook that I created to help little ones learn and associate the alphabet with objects. Each photo follows the Apple example below, with the name of the object pictured to its right.
For this project, I redesigned the digipak for Hot Water Music's album Caution. They make music in the grungy rock genre, which is honestly not what I'm usually jammin' to. I worked a little backwards for this project, and instead of deciding on an artist and album to design for, I knew of a perfect location for photos, and I went ahead and shot. I knew I wanted an artist that was on the darker side, since the images have a suspicious aura around them. Since I saw all this caution tape around, I thought there has to be an album named Caution that I could play off of, and next thing I knew, I discovered Hot Water Music.

final digipak

For this project, I redesigned the album for Misterwives' album Our Own House. They make music in the Indie pop genre, and their music can range from mysterious to a huge mood booster! My concept behind this redesign was to play on the idea of dolls having their "own" house and to be portrayed as perfect when they actually aren't, which contrasts with the mood of the content.

final vinyl

This object study focuses on the detailed features, shapes, and function of a violin. To create interest, shots of its delicate details, organic shape, and how it is played were portrayed.
miscellaneous photos
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