This projects take an everyday object and critically analyzes it by hand drawing and digitally drawing it, plus transforming it into an icon and logo. How the icon communicates was key in this; it was important that your object was clearly understood with little to no detail added. I learned a lot about iconography and how icons can be stylized in so many ways but still portray the same message.

final logo

My object was a pink, linear, stylized, flamingo figurine, whose function was to be decor. I wanted something unique and challenging, and this object definitely encases those characteristics.
Above are some initial sketches of different perspectives of the flamingo, sketches of possible icons, and sketches of potential logo options.
The first drawing I completed was the analytical drawing. This drawing was a line drawing that used angles to map out where key points were. The second drawing is a digital descriptive line drawing. I used multiple line weights to portray perspective and what is close to the viewer, and what's far away, since the object is complex and is hard to tell. The third drawing is a rendering of the figurine. Showing the light and shadow through the ribbon pieces also assists in showing the perspective and where the light source was. The fourth drawing is a graphic translation of the flamingo that uses complex line and shape that starts to make the figure a graphic element. The fifth iteration is an icon, which made me understand how to go from a complicated figure to a simple icon. Viewing it at a small scale helped to determine its effectiveness as an icon along with user testing. The final iteration is a logo with type. I stylized the icon to make it more interesting and visually flow with the linear style of the logo and original object.
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